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11 Best Free Article Submission Sites To Boost Traffic

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If you’re into Internet marketing, you should never underestimate the need to create content or articles to increase your website traffic.

Though it’s very helpful to write articles or blogs to be posted on your website, it is equally important that you submit articles to other website. This practice will help you build external links.

When you post articles in a website with high PR, it is most likely that your post will be viewed by more people.



1. EHow

There are millions of articles submitted in eHow and thousands of videos uploaded. Therefore, do not miss eHow on your article submission site.Most people who are using the Internet are constantly looking for how-to articles and this is the main purpose of eHow’s existence. If you happen to have a how-to question, you most probably have encountered eHow in the first page of search engine return page (SERP).

2. Ezine

Electronic Magazine, or popularly known as Ezine, is an online magazine. This is one of the most popular websites where writers submit their articles – mainly for business and personal purposes. Submitting articles in Ezine is absolutely free, but you have to comply with their guidelines. If you want to opt for a premium account, you can acquire this with additional cost.

3. Squidoo

Famous for its squid-with-big-eye icon, Squidoo swims to the top of internet marketing arena because of its unique ability to let writers create their own site and add contents which might interest them. Most people use Squidoo to promote their website, product, services, or to encourage donation.

4. Hubpages

If you like to submit your articles with a huge number of followers, then consider Hubpages. This platform is so easy to use and allows you to post articles according to your preference. 

5. Examiner

Examiner is more focused on news. When people use search engine, they can use a tool to limit their search to only news. 

6. Articlebase

ArticleBase is actually an article directory that has 26 categorical topics such as finance, home improvement, health, and education. 

7. Technorati

Technorati is a search engine by itself, but it specializes in searching blogs and articles. There are over hundreds of blogs indexed in Technorati and many Internet citizens are using Technorati to find the right blogs.

8. Articlecube

9. ArticleCity

ArticleCity is one of the most successful websites that offer thousands of free articles. You may ask how this may help you. Many people are easily lured with free items. If there’s anything that will be given free, then they will most likely get it.

10. SeekingAlpha

Seeking Alpha is fundamentally a stock market analysis website primarily focusing in American economy. This website will be very helpful if your industry or niche is of business and finances. Not all articles submitted to Seeking Alpha are approved.


11. ArticleAlley

You might have heard about this website since it is recently gaining popularity. Submitting articles to ArticleAlley is very easy. You really do not need technical skills or knowledge to post blogs.


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